Hello, my name is Gaby Pasman, and I am a descendant of Russian-Jewish ancestry. My family moved to the north side of Chicago from Riga, Latvia in 1988 when the Soviet Union was still in existence. I was born in Italy, but I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. In 2015, I graduated with an MFA in Graphic Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where I developed a simple visual solution to help travelers understand others and express themselves anywhere in the world. I enjoy working in all areas of design, especially UI/UX design, logo development, motion design, and branding. Outside of my career, I like to travel, paint, and volunteer my time with differently-abled artists. I currently live in Oak Park, Illinois with my English Bulldog, Chaplin. 


UI/UX Design


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Bally Total Fitness Rebrand

Research a list of companies that are either going out of business, dead, or defunct. Choose one from the list, and rebrand it in an effort to bring it back to life considering changes in a modern life. Develop a new logo and identity system. Design a series of products and services that promote the brand.

The company I chose is Bally Total Fitness. My idea is to rebrand “Bally” from a chain of traditional fitness clubs into a company, which would focus on preparing people for the “unknowns” of the modern world they live in. This would be achieved through the development of a series of new services based on training of the body, the core, and the mind. I developed a relevant visual system that reflects the new and dynamic attributes of the company’s re-invented identity.