Hello, my name is Gaby Pasman, and I am a descendant of Russian-Jewish ancestry. My family moved to the north side of Chicago from Riga, Latvia in 1988 when the Soviet Union was still in existence. I was born in Italy, but I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. In 2015, I graduated with an MFA in Graphic Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where I developed a simple visual solution to help travelers understand others and express themselves anywhere in the world. I enjoy working in all areas of design, especially UI/UX design, logo development, motion design, and branding. Outside of my career, I like to travel, paint, and volunteer my time with differently-abled artists. I currently live in Oak Park, Illinois with my English Bulldog, Chaplin. 


UI/UX Design


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Amateur artists spend much of their lives working on their artwork. A piece created with great effort will often live on the floor or in a closet, unless the artist has proper representation from a studio or gallery. Meanwhile, community spaces such as restaurants, office spaces, movie theaters, libraries, coffee shops, and many more are underutilized, plagued by blank walls and/or mass produced prints. With an abundance of art and an abundance of common spaces, we have an obvious opportunity to enrich our community. And with that we must ask, how can we seize this chance and enhance our community?

Project Statement
Blank solves communication barrier between local artists and community leaders, bringing art into public spaces that have a need for some color. Local artists can contact small businesses to see if they are interested in displaying their work. Small businesses can contact local artists to gain access to one-of-a-kind art for their open wall space. This combination of communities will enhance local business, local art, and local culture.


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