Hello, my name is Gaby Pasman, and I am a descendant of Russian-Jewish ancestry. My family moved to the north side of Chicago from Riga, Latvia in 1988 when the Soviet Union was still in existence. I was born in Italy, but I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. In 2015, I graduated with an MFA in Graphic Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where I developed a simple visual solution to help travelers understand others and express themselves anywhere in the world. I enjoy working in all areas of design, especially UI/UX design, logo development, motion design, and branding. Outside of my career, I like to travel, paint, and volunteer my time with differently-abled artists. I currently live in Oak Park, Illinois with my English Bulldog, Chaplin. 


UI/UX Design


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A Gus Van Sant Film Festival

Promote a film festival dedicated to a single film director. Conceptualize and design a number of deliverables to exhibit at the film festival. Choose a director whose series of motion pictures follow the same theme, or a thread, and use design tools that take this thread into consideration.

I chose the film director Gus Van Sant. I have paid close attention to his filmmaking over the years. I have always appreciated his style and immense talent. The film festival title (It’s Not Your Fault) is inspired by a phrase used in one of Van Sant’s feature films, Good Will Hunting. Many of Van Sant’s feature films tell the stories of confused, struggling young adults who discover a bond with someone who helps them to break with their past and find a way out. This is the thread that I followed in development of my concept.